Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food
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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Welcome to the 'Daily Bread'

Welcome, everyone, to 'the Daily Bread' Blogspot!

Our name comes from one of life's fail safe's - the Lord's prayer:

'give us this day our daily bread'

Not because we're particularly religious, or even because we want to take the mickey, but because those simple words are a foodie foundation on which to bring forth and build upon.

We are thankful for each day and for each crumb of joy that passes our lips, to love food is to love life and to combine the two, without gluttony or dieting is utter genius.

From the bygone era's of 'bringing home the bacon' to the modern day 'convenience foods' market, we know, (just like you do,) that food is structured around trends and around socieities, cultures and economics,

But like you, we don't want to read a socio-political blog about the life and times of our sausage rolls, we just want to find good, honest, quality food whether that's in our town centres and high fashion eateries, our local markets and street stands, our corner greasy spoon or our own kitchens.

A Good experience must be savoured and then shared, like a good recipe or a good wine, and like all those things that make life so pleasurable, we'd like to share this with good friends. ( I re-iterate the poignance of the lord's prayer again...)

We are Rob & Dan and we share your flirtations with food and drink,

We're most excited to meet you all and tip our cocktail glasses to the action packed journeys ahead,

It's going to be a bumpy ride......

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